In a continued resistance of Qeerroo, the town of Hawaasa was swamped by protesters

(Qeerroo, June 20, 2011)

At the Ethiopian Premier League Championship tournament held in Hawaasa town where the popular St. George club played, the Qeerroo pamphlets where distributed at the scene in huge numbers and the town was swamped by protests.

Shocked by numbers of the pamphlets that has a call from the National Youth Movement for Freedom and Democracy of Qeerroo on it, the TPLF police armed in full have created the atmosphere of insecurity in and around the scene of the tournament and in the town of Hawaasa. Taken by disbelief with the number of the pamphlets distributed and   after losing any clue as to who distributed it; they started to search the people on the street. What is more, they also blamed the fans of St. George club, who come from the capital Finfinne (Addis Ababa) and they started to arrest them.

Angered by this irresponsible actions of the police, the fans and the people engaged in a serious of stone fighting with the police, until the huge number of police arrived at the scene was forced to flee. Until the people gathered started to disperse the popular Qeerroo movement activists where seen protesting with different slogans.  Accordingly the situation developed to full scale protest in the Hawaasa town and witnesses have said the town was forced to pass under huge stress the whole day.

The struggle shall continue and dictatorship will demise.

Qeerroo, 2011



1 thought on “In a continued resistance of Qeerroo, the town of Hawaasa was swamped by protesters

  1. Dear Qeerroo,
    You are a true determined for Social- Justice for all nations and nationalities suffering under the the TPLF racist regime which once extremely suffered by the poverty life and death where Meles was a man without a shoes and his wife, Azeb who was the servant of the TPLF who have no intellectual and elite class to rule the empire. They should have to overthrown as the came in to Finfinee in their naked feet. Never ever the Tigray Hungery people rule over Oromia and others. Gaye the response!!

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