Food at Adama University Poisoned; Woyane Used Tear Gas; 20 Students Jailed

Qeerroo News, May 21, 2011

Food Poisoned

On Tuesday May 17, 2011 more than 1500 students of Adama university, Eastern Shoa zone, Adama town who have eaten lunch at café # 3 all got sick – many of them were hospitalized but others remained in the university campus despite their illness due to lack of money. Since then all students of the university were afraid to eat at the café, and raised a legitimate question of why the food was poisoned.

Health workers who treated the students at hospital confirmed that the food was poisoned, and expressed their worry that they do not have adequate medication to curb the situation.

Tear Gas

The administration of the university, instead of answering the legitimate question of the students, called the Woyyanepolice.

The police entered into the campus today May 21, 2011 and spread tear gas to disperse the students who gathered together to talk about the problem.

They then entered into the campus and started beating the students who did not eat anything in the last 4 or 5 days and hence are already weakened. Qeerroo news reporter was able to confirm that at least 20 students have been jailed.

One student who was beaten by the police told Qeerroo: “Today, we left our lunch and asked the question why the food was poisoned. The school administration, instead of answering our question, they called the woyane Federal police on us.

Woyane forces entered in to the campus and started beating us indicriminantly. I fall down on the ground was beaten like a snake. They were beating me on my head mercilessly”.

Another student told Qeerroo News: “We didn’t eat anything since Tuesday, because we were afraid to eat the food. We appeal to our people to make our voices heard”.

Qeerroo News

3 responses

  1. Qeeroo Oromoo, abdiin Oromoo amma isini. Dur ABOn abdadhan ture, amma garuu qeerroo Oromoon irra abdii koo kaa’eera. Qabsoon cimaa dha; waan hedduu of keessaa qaba. Garuu ta’u qaba. Nuuf jabaadhaa!!

    Wayyeessaa Barkeessaa.

  2. It is in the nature of a tyrannical minority and essentially illegitimate dictator to use dirty and ugly criminal inhuman methods against the majority in order to stay in power and keep robbing.

    Hidden violence of all sorts such as food poisonings can be attractive to the criminal dictator since the world is watching and recording visible violence, such beatings, killings, jailing, etc.

    The cadres of the dictator have long expertise and recorded experiences of using food and food poisoning as weapons against the civilian population and the opposition.

    No amount of food poisoning, land grabbing,Dam propaganda,mass killings, mass jailing, mass displacements, mass robberies,cunning divisions and other reckless criminality and injustices can defeat the peoples struggle for dignity, humanity, equality and justice for all. VIGILANCE IS NECESSARY! CHANGE IS WHAT IS NEEDED. “YES WE CAN!” :)

  3. Woyane played well it’s card (devide and conquer), However now woyane’s game is expired. Then why don’t we unite with our differnces and get rid of weyane? Especially political leaders why don’t you tell us you are united and ready to call ethiopian revolution collectively in order to get read of Meles and to establish democracy, freedom and equal right to every single ethiopian. Or just tell us you can’t do it then we will not expect any thing from any body we will just give up (it is being quite frustrating seing our people suffering helplessly). Revolution in ethiopia is taking to long while our people are suffering of hunger, torture etc.

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